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Types of Expungement cases I accept:

  • 991(c)

  • Section 18/19

An expungement is a necessary end to a criminal case. It is the fresh start that you deserve. Whether it be that new job or possibly enrolling in a college, university, or other technical course, your prior arrest will be something that can potentially stand in your way.       


What many people fail to tell you is that after your probationary period is complete, your case is not expunged automatically. It requires an affirmative action by you to see that this is done. There were several recent amendments and additions to the expungement laws opening up more opportunities for people to have their records sealed or cleared.

To ensure everything is handled properly, you need an attorney that knows the inner workings of the expungement process. I can help guide you through the process with little stress. Calling clients to let them know their background has been cleared is one of the highlights of my career as an attorney. Let me help you get that fresh start you’re looking for.

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